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Dana Elaine Owens, better known as "Queen Latifah", is a forty-one year old, award-winning actress, rapper, producer, and spokesmodel,but that is only a few of her hats. Queen Latifah was born on March 18, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey, and is still living today. Dana is one of the most prominent female hip-hoppers of the 1990s.

Dana Owens' brother, Lance Owens, passed away in a motorcyle accident in 1992. The motorcycle was just given to Lance by Dana as a gift.

Dana's father, Lancelot Owens, was a police officer; her mother, Rita, was a high school music teacher. Her parents divorced when she was eight years old.
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Latifah recorded a jazz influenced album titled Black Reign, which was dedicated to her brother Lance. While the album sold over 500,000 copies, the single "U.N.I.T.Y." earned Latifah her first Grammy Award in 1995.

Dana "Queen Latifah" Owens has been posted on the cover of many magazines and has starred in many movies.
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Joyful Noise and Just Wright are few of the many movies Queen Latifah has starred in, also starring in 2011's show Single Ladies.
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